Nigel Williams 🇬🇧

Lead Product Manager for the Intranet at HM Revenue & Customs
Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams 🇬🇧

Lead Product Manager for the Intranet at HM Revenue & Customs


In his own words:

“Internationally recognised for a superpower to bring projects and initiatives back to the why before the how and what. I’m an intranet and digital workplace leader with a proven track record in business transformation, delivery and consultancy in a range of industries, from the high tech of Sony PlayStation and Google in Silicon Valley to the low tech of refugee camps in Africa.

My work has been recognised in over 100 awards and publications including being a two time Step Two Gold Winner for Innovation and being featured by NNG for knowledge management innovation.

There are four key elements I bring:

  • guiding organisations and professionals in making intranets equally relevant on the front line and in the board room
  • advising at partner level in consultancies regarding the technology and technique options to deliver maximum value to clients
  • presenting around the world, ensuring examples and concepts can be adopted and rolled out by small and large teams alike
  • my day job leading content, project and development teams to roll out a digital workplace to 65,000 colleagues. We focus on understanding colleague needs, frustrations and experiences with internal applications and how they translate to the experience they then give to 32 million tax payers.

In my spare time, when not being bossed around by my daughter or dog, I’ll be mostly found creating free to attend, vendor neutral, internal comms networking groups across the US and UK, bringing strategic level communicators and change professionals together to discuss challenges, ideas and solutions.

Always happy to help, so if you’re looking to transform your communications and / or employee engagement programmes, and are looking for ideas where to start or where to focus, send me a message and we can arrange a call or coffee.”

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