Tammy Watchorn 🇬🇧

Tammy Watchorn

Tammy Watchorn 🇬🇧

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Dr Tammy Watchorn has, for the past 5 years been working in the National Health Service in Scotland driving innovation and change. During those 5 years she has had huge success introducing QUBE as a new way of working, to deliver innovations, projects at speed, build new collaboratives, shift behaviours and deliver leadership training.

She has recently left this post enabling her to spread this way of working, for health and wellbeing, across the UK and wider. Currently working with a range of NHS organisations, she is helping teams and departments to shift how they work, remove valueless tasks, be comfortable working with uncertainty, and recognise that the pace of change exceeds our pace of learning requiring us to both lead and respond to change in new ways.

Talks at Social Now:

  • 2019 (remotely): “Delivering Leadership Training at NHS”, together with Jo Stanford