Meet our 2019 speakers

Jan Kees Fokkens

Jan Kees Fokkens 🇳🇱

Social Intranet Project Manager at large European retailer company
Kenneth Mikkelsen

Kenneth Mikkelsen 🇩🇰

Leadership adviser and executive learning designer
Celine Schillinger

Céline Schillinger 🇫🇷

Founder and CEO of We Need Social
Samuel Driessen

Samuel Driessen 🇳🇱

Director Digital Channels at Teva Pharmaceuticals
Katharina Krentz

Katharina Krentz 🇩🇪

Senior Consultant Digital Collaboration at Robert Bosch GmbH
Catherine Shinners

Catherine Shinners 🇺🇸

Founder and Principal of Merced Group
Raúl Ribeiro

Raúl Ramos Ribeiro 🇵🇹

DiggSpace Manager at CREATE IT
Hans-Juergen Sturm

Hans-Juergen Sturm 🇩🇪

Head of User Experience & Innovation at Amadeus
Laura Lorenzo

Laura Lorenzo 🇵🇹

Customer Experience Design at OutSystems
Pedro Silva

Pedro Silva 🇵🇹

Technical Writer at Farfetch Platform
Patrick Allman

Patrick Allman 🇺🇸

VP of Marketing & Worldwide Sales at MangoApps
Joana Pais

Joana Pais 🇵🇹

Head of Communications at SOGRAPE Original Legacy Wines
Patrik Bergman

Patrik Bergman 🇸🇪

Collaboration and Learning Manager at Haldex
Leonardo Teixeira

Leonardo Teixeira 🇵🇹

eFacilitation Programme Director at Pentacle
Lee Bryant

Lee Bryant 🇵🇹

Co-Founder of Postshift

Ana Neves 🇵🇹

CEO and Senior Consultant at Knowman
Phil Kropp

Phil Kropp 🇳🇱

Founding partner of OrangeTrail
Jon Husband

Jon Husband 🇨🇦

Founder and Principal of Wirearchy
Hayate Ait Bouzid

Hayate Ait Bouzid 🇳🇱

Digital Transformation Consultant at OrangeTrail
Rita Oliveira Pelica

Rita Oliveira Pelica 🇵🇹

Chief Energy Officer & Founder of ONYOU
Filip Callewaert

Filip Callewaert 🇧🇪

Digital Workplace Manager for Flemish Green Party
Daniela Oliveira

Daniela Oliveira 🇵🇹

Project Manager & Business Analyst at DevScope
Jo Stanford

Jo Stanford 🇬🇧

Head of Project Profession for NHS Health Education England
Carolina Trigo

Carolina Trigo 🇵🇹

IT Project Manager at DevScope
Paul Corney

Paul Corney 🇬🇧

Founder of Knowledge et al