Meet our 2024 speakers

Others will be announced
Jaap Linssen

Jaap Linssen 🇳🇱

Founding Partner of OrangeTrail
Social Now 2022 - Ana Neves

Ana Neves 🇵🇹

CEO and Senior Consultant at Knowman
Emily Hinks

Emily Hinks 🇳🇱

Founder & CEO of Mischief Makers
Andrew Pope

Andrew Pope 🇦🇺

Owner and consultant at Designing Collaboration

Vinicius Buso 🇧🇷

Head of Culture projects at iN
Sumeet Gayathri Moghe

Sumeet Gayathri Moghe 🇮🇳

Principal Product Manager at Thoughtworks
Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams 🇬🇧

Lead Product Manager for the Intranet at HM Revenue & Customs
Celine Schillinger

Céline Schillinger 🇫🇷

Founder and CEO of We Need Social
Adriana Jacinto

Adriana Jacinto 🇨🇭

Coordinator of the OHCHR Dynamic Knowledge and Library Team
Simon Scullion

Simon Scullion 🇪🇸

Intranet Coach @
Samuel Driessen

Samuel Driessen 🇳🇱

Principal Consultant at Evolve
Suzie Robinson

Suzie Robinson 🇬🇧

Intranet and Comms Consultant at ClearBox Consulting
Viviana Garcia

Viviana Garcia 🇨🇭

Digital Workplace Coordinator at UEFA
Anna Kravets

Anna Kravets 🇵🇹

CEO at Linkers
Sara Sá Leão

Sara Sá Leão 🇵🇹

Lead R&D Knowledge Manager at Dynatrace
John Western

John Western 🇬🇧

Vice President of Sales and Alliances (EMEA) at MangoApps
Raúl Ribeiro

Raúl Ramos Ribeiro 🇵🇹

SharePoint and Power Platform Product Owner at Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Mads Richard

Mads Richard 🇩🇰

Consultant and facilitator at
Fabio Frota

Fabio Frota 🇳🇱

Digital Transformation Consultant at OrangeTrail
Gabriel Petrescu

Gabriel Petrescu 🇷🇴

Chief Serendipity Officer at OrgXO
Sharon O'Dea

Sharon O’Dea 🇳🇱

Co-founder of Lithos Partners