Memorable moments for effective learning

Memorable moments make for effective learning. Social Now is packed of memorable moments: the relaxed seated lunches with tasty Portuguese food, the warm sunlight and drinks in a Lisbon rooftop, the sightseeing tour of Lisbon and all the amazing conversations.

Personal Knowledge Mastery with Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche, a seasoned consultant in the areas of personal and organisational learning, will be at Social Now 2020 to share practical recommendations to develop Personal Knowledge Mastery and create a learning-friendly environment to develop individuals and the social structures they are part of.

Going Social with Isabel De Clercq at Social Now 2018

Isabel De Clercq knows the benefits and challenges of going social. At Social Now 2018 she will be drawing on a range of practical examples to show social technologies as a vital catalyst for organisational and individual transformation and to share ideas of how to overcome many of the common points of resistance.