Social Now 2020 - theme

The focus is on teams, communities and networks

“Powering your organisation’s teams, communities and networks” is the chosen topic for Social Now 2020.

Teams, communities and networks are central to organisational fabrics. Organisations rely on teams to deliver results; are host to many formal and informal communities; are part of wider networks of clients and other stakeholders.

Rachel Happe

Rachel Happe 🇺🇸
Co-Founder and Principal
at The Community Roundtable

That is why the 9th edition of Social Now will take participants through:

  • the steps of creating, nurturing and harvesting results from their organisations’ teams, communities and networks;
  • experiences of how real organisations are using teams, communities and networks to reduce work duplication, improve organisational learning, ensure knowledge retention, enhance collaboration and increase innovation; and,
  • narratives of how digital social platforms enable all this.

Rachel Happe will be one of the amazingly experienced professionals sharing practical tips with conference participants. She will draw from years of experience helping business leaders develop their community, collaboration, and engagement strategies.

Registration is now open and there are 10 tickets for wise birds. Be one of them!

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