Thank you, Samuel Driessen

Thank you, Samuel Driessen!

Back in 2012, when Ana Neves was organising the first edition of Social Now and looking for a good master of ceremonies, Ana Silva suggested Samuel Driessen as a great choice. And he was!

So much so that Ana Neves invited him back to host the following nine editions.

As we celebrate the 10th edition of Social Now, it is time to recognise and celebrate Samuel’s contribution to the success of the conference. Year after year, he has welcomed hundreds of speakers on stage, kept time, encouraged and facilitated debate, and added to the conversation with his vast knowledge of all things digital.

“We were very much in sync since the start and he brought the perfect mix of informality, friendliness and professionalism that I was looking for. It’s been a pleasure working alongside him”, says Ana Neves.

Thank you, Samuel Driessen, for believing in Social Now from day one and for generously agreeing to spend your time as its host – not one, not five, but 10 times!

  • Thank you, Samuel Driessen