Theme and dates for Social Now 2022

The future of work lies with engaged, high-performing teams

After canceling in 2020 and skipping a 2021 edition, the Social Now conference is back in 2022 for its 9th edition. “Enabling engaged, high-performing teams” will be the theme that brings participants together in Lisbon, 19 & 20 May 2022.

Teams are at the heart of organisations’ work. Covid-19 has made evident that team work can be performed by distributed teams. But the incredible effort that organisations and employees had to sustain for such a long and stressful period is now taking its toll. Organisations now need to find ways of sustaining engagement and creating the right environment for teams to achieve their highest potential – no matter where they work from.

For this to happen, organisations need:

  • a supporting culture;
  • networked leadership;
  • adequate management practices;
  • efficient work practices and routines;
  • effective communication;
  • useful and usable tools;
  • digital skills.

At Social Now 2022 we will use Cablinc, a fictitious (but oh, so real!) company, as a case study to show how to create all the above in very practical terms.

It will be a tremendous learning experience and a celebration – an opportunity to:

  • soak up the experience, practical examples and knowledge of the amazing speakers;
  • meet and engage in rich conversations with the speakers and all other participants;
  • an opportunity to reflect, share and celebrate your work achievements of the last 2 years.

We will reveal the full agenda in the coming weeks, ensuring the right balance of inspiration and good practices you can borrow and adapt at your organisation. One thing is certain: the speakers will surprise you for their knowledge and experience but mostly for their willingness to share it with you.

Registration is now open and there are 10 tickets for wise birds! Be one of them!

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