Anne McLear set against the header image of the House of Cables blog

The House of Cables is back

Anne McLear, Cablinc’s Head of Marketing and Internal Communications, is now blogging. Through her blog House of Cables she is sharing the challenges, ups and downs of work at Cablinc.

One of Social Now’s differentiating elements is Cablinc, the fictitious company Ana Neves created to be the backdrop for most of the conference’s presentations.

Cablinc's Organisational Chart
Cablinc’s Organisational Chart – an array of memorable characters

During the conference, speakers offer practical guidance for Cablinc to address its challenges and we hear day-in-the-life narratives of a smarter way of working at Cablinc.

Eight editions os Social Now show that focusing on this one company – fictional but which feels very real – makes it easier for speakers to offer practical recommendations and for participants to engage in open debate. This means no platitudes and plenty of actionable ideas which participants can borrow and apply at their own organisations.

This year’s edition of House of Cables reflects the challenges of distributed and hybrid work, combined with a large number of factory workers for whom the pandemic has made little difference to their work days. The blog, and therefore the conference, will look at teams performance, employee engagement, knowledge access and retention, internal communications, and many other priorities for organisations today.

Read more about the conference’s unique format and attend Social Now to find out how Cablinc – and your organisation – can overcome the challenges Anne McLear tells us about.