Thierry de Baillon closes Social Now Europe 2017

“Making tomorrow anything but just another day requires systemic thinking and rebuilding organisations according to more fundamentally human values and skills.”

This is the thought which Thierry de Baillon shares with us as an introduction to his closing keynote at Social Now Europe 2017.

Thierry de Baillon has been highly recommended as an extremely knowledgeable professional with a deep understanding of how social tools impact on organisations, today and in the future. In fact, he is the initiator of an open laboratory trying to uncover what the future of organisations will look like in an era of hyper-connectivity: the “Future of [Collaborative] Enterprise” research project.

As a consultant, he spends a large part of his time helping organisations to innovate as a way to adapt to a complex and uncertain world.

Do not miss the opportunity to hear from him but, most importantly, do not miss the chance to engage with him in fruitful conversation.