These are the enterprise social tools you will get to explore at Social Now 2024.


Engaging Teams

We will see how Cablinc uses Diggspace to support ideation and effectively communicate with frontline workers.

Employee Recognition for Microsoft 365 and LumApps

Employee Recognition for Microsoft 365 and LumApps

The only Employee Recognition and Gamification product natively integrated into Microsoft 365 and LumApps platforms.

We will see how Cablinc uses this product developed by Linkers to boost adoption of the digital workplace through employee recognition.

Hive - logo


Unlock the ecosystem of skills and knowledge across teams and communities

At Social Now 2024, we will hear how Cablinc is using Hive to facilitate employee-driven connections for knowledge sharing and to speed up the onboarding of new employees.

MangoApps logo


The easiest way to create a collaborative & efficient workplace

MangoApps has won the Social Now award for best tool presentation 4 times. Most importantly, it won twice the award for “best tool for my organisation”.
In 2024, we will see how MangoApps is evolving and adapting to continue meeting the ever-changing requirements of Cablinc.



Enhance your capabilities with OrgXO, the cutting-edge MRI for organizations that combines advanced Digital Imagery Solutions with Human-Centric Approaches

In 2024, we will see how Cablinc is understanding its social capital dynamics with OrgXO.

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