These are the enterprise social tools you will get to explore at Social Now 2022. More will be confirmed.



Find the experts and optimize your organisation’s return on knowledge.

Bart Verheijen will take you through a day of work at Cablinc so that we can see how GuruScan is weaved into work routines and processes to optimise the company’s return on knowledge.

Ichicraft Boards

Ichicraft Boards

Your personal, unified and relevant workplace.

Reinier Smit will take you through a day of work at Cablinc so that you can have a good feel for how it enables teams. Ichicraft Boards enhance the experience and value extracted from Microsoft 365 applications.

MangoApps logo


The easiest way to create a collaborative & efficient workplace

MangoApps has won the Social Now award for best tool presentation 4 times. Most importantly, it won twice the award for “best tool for my organisation”.
In 2020, Patrick Allman will show us how MangoApps is evolving and adapting to continue meeting the ever-changing requirements of Cablinc.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

A modern workplace.

David Bernal Manero of Raona will show how Cablinc created a modern workplace with Microsoft 365.

SWOOP Analytics

Collaboration analytics for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Workplace from Meta.

Pete Johns will show how Cablinc uses SWOOP Analytics to gather insights to measure and improve digital workplace relationships in order to reach better business outcomes.

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