These are some of the tools you will get to know at Social Now 2018. Others will be confirmed shortly.

CTOUCH - logo


Enhance your meeting experiences

We will use CTOUCH meeting solutions to facilitate a group discussion and get participants to experience a way of bringing more lasting impacts into everyday meetings.

DiggSpace - logo


Engage with your employees

Raúl Ribeiro will share how Cablinc is using DiggSpace to improve the way it communicates and engages with employees using a Digital Workplace platform integrated with Office 365.

MangoApps logo


The easiest way to create a collaborative & efficient workplace

MangoApps is bringing one of their clients, Superdrug Stores to show how its platform is part of their work day.

At Social Now 2016 and 2017, MangoApps won the award for best tool presentation and, most importantly, the award for “best fit for my organisation”. This year we will see how it continues to evolve to meet the requirements of Cablinc.

Stiki - logo


The wiki that works.

Tobias Theil, creator of Stiki, will show how Stiki is simplifying Cablinc’s communication and how it is helping Cablinc cut down interruptions, accelerate new employee onboarding and increase business productivity.

Logo of Workplace by Facebook


OrangeTrail will show how Workplace (by Facebook) helps Cablinc with their work processes, improving communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. And HEINEKEN will