These are the enterprise social tools you will get to explore at Social Now 2020. More will be confirmed.

Brikit - logo


We help teams create virtual workspaces.

Maggie Modersohn will take you through a day of work at Cablinc so that you can have a good feel for how it enables teams. Brikit is based on Atlassian Confluence.

MangoApps logo


The easiest way to create a collaborative & efficient workplace

MangoApps has won the Social Now award for best tool presentation 4 times. Most importantly, it won twice the award for “best tool for my organisation”.
In 2020, Patrick Allman will show us how MangoApps is evolving and adapting to continue meeting the ever-changing requirements of Cablinc.

Sideways6 - logo

Sideways 6

4 in 5 employees have ideas to improve their business. Sideways 6 helps you find the best ones and bring them to life.

We will see how Sideways 6 helps Cablinc identify staff’s ideas and find the best ones.

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