These are some of the tools you will get to know at Social Now 2017. Others will be confirmed shortly.
Atlassian - logo


Atlassian Tools for teams, from startup to enterprise

We will hear how Atlassian’s Confluence, HipChat and Jira can work together to improve processes at Cablinc, a company with very similar requirements to your own.

Elium (ex Knowledge Plaza)


For a more agile, innovative and engaged organisation

Elium (ex-Knowledge Plaza) will show how it can meet the business requirements of Cablinc. They will bring one of their clients, EuraNova, to also show how their tools has become part of the way they work.

Jamespot - logoJamespot

Jamespot is a French software publisher specializing in collaborative and social solutions in SaaS. It will show how their recently launched application SmartPlace gives Cablinc a digital workplace to improve operations, connections and shared intelligence.



Your company’s informal learning center

LearningHubz is a new tool which will show how it can offer curated, social, engaging and empowering content to Cablinc staff.

MangoApps logo


The easiest way to create a collaborative & efficient workplace

MangoApps is bringing one of their clients, Superdrug Stores to show how its platform is part of their work day.

At Social Now 2016, MangoApps won the award for best tool presentation and, most importantly, the award for “best fit for my organisation”. This year we will see how it continues to evolve to meet the requirements of Cablinc.

Logo of Workplace by Facebook


OrangeTrail will show how Workplace (by Facebook) helps Cablinc with their work processes, improving communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.