Participants get together for dinner on the evening of the 2nd day of the conference

We are on for Social Now 2024

The 10th edition of Social Now will be about “Realising the value of your digital workplace”. There are 10 tickets available for the wise-birds who want to join us in Lisbon, Portugal, 16 & 17 May 2024.

great digital workplace ensures:

  • effective communication with and among all employees;
  • smooth collaboration – intra and cross-teams; and
  • continuous organisational learning.

However, many organisations are not yet fulfilling the digital workplace promise. It could be that they:

  • have too many tools; 
  • miss guidance on how to use their tools to maximum effect; 
  • are yet to create adequate governance; 
  • need better leadership and work practices;
  • are still searching for the right combination of tools. 

At Social Now 2024, we will find answers to help organisations address these different scenarios. We will also help Cablinc define a successful digital workplace and create a great digital employee experience so that it too can improve internal communication, collaboration and organisational learning.

As usual, the conference will be a great opportunity for participants to learn from the experience of others; and gather practical ideas to implement at their organisations.

The full agenda will be revealed over the coming weeks. One thing is certain: it will offer the right balance of inspiration; good, implementable practices; and networking.

Registration is now open and there are 10 tickets for wise birds! Be one of them!

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Photo: From left to right, Jan Kees Fokkens, Céline Schillinger, Rachel Happe, Jon Husband, Sigi Lautenbacher, Sharon O’Dea and Kurt Kragh Sorensen. Dinner at the end of Social Now 2022. Photo shared by Jan Kees Fokkens.