Lisbon - view from Park Edward VII

We’re skipping Social Now 2021

Last year we cancelled Social Now 2020. We have now decided to also skip 2021’s edition of Social Now. 

In March last year, when the impact of the pandemic pushed us to cancel Social Now 2020, we mentioned that teams, communities and networks were the reason why the virus spread so widely and so quickly. We also shared our belief that those same social structures would be at the core of the solution.

In fact, in the last 12 months we have seen people and organisations come together around initiatives to alleviate the impact of the pandemic and mitigate the risk of infection. The existence of vaccines (yes, plural!) is a total credit to team work, knowledge sharing, and the power of networks.

Despite all that, we are still not in a position to safely or confidently come physically together for Social Now 2021. 

We had a hard debated on whether we should organise an online edition of Social Now: at the end of the day, the topic of digital enterprise social tools for collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing is more relevant than ever, and what better way to demonstrate those tools than online, right? 

Maybe so. However, participants tell us that the magic of Social Now comes as much from the quality of the agenda as it does from all the other “details” that contribute to create the atmosphere participants love and remember. And those “little things” are extremely hard, if not impossible, to recreate online.

As such, we have decided to skip this year’s edition of Social Now. 

We will commit our hearts and minds into creating an unforgettable Social Now 2022, the conference’s 9th edition.

Until we meet back in Lisbon, let’s all be sensible and mindful of others, while aiming to stay healthy, strong and united.