What’s in it for you

WarningSocial Now is packed with different types of sessions. They were carefully crafted to inspire you, to energise you, to develop your knowledge, but, most importantly, to equip you a bag full of actionable recommendations you can implement at your organisation.

Find out what you get out of each of the sessions.


Consultant Talks


20-minute practical talks where experienced professionals act as consultants for Cablinc, sharing practical recommendations to help this case study company address its challenges.

What’s in it for you

The fact that all these talks are focused on a specific organisation means that the offered recommendations are more grounded and practical, and easier for you implement at your own organisation.

This year’s consultants for Cablinc

Day-in-the-life Narratives


15-minute narratives of “a day of work at Cablinc”. Live demos of platforms and tools showing how they are part of work routines and improve internal communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Participants can raise a flag if they feel the presentation is going into sales-pitch more.

What’s in it for you

Because vendors cannot use slides and have to stick to the Cablinc narrative, participants get a real feel for the central role these platforms can play and get specific ideas for how to maximise the value they get out of their existing ones.

This year’s storyteller vendors


GuruScan Knowledge App
by Bart Verheijen

Ichicraft Boards

Ichicraft Boards
by Reinier Smit 

MangoApps logo

by Patrick Allman

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365
by David Bernal Manero (Raona)

The panel


At the end of each vendor presentation, a panel of real people from real organisations will wear the hat of Cablinc’s management team and ask the tough questions about the demonstrated platform or tool.

What’s in it for you

You are reminded of what to consider when evaluating social technologies; you get the answers you seek without exposing you; and the answers you get are more likely to be honest and complete because they are answered in front of an informed audience.

This year’s panel

Augusto Fragoso

Augusto Fragoso 🇵🇹

Eugene Victorov

Eugene Victorov 🇲🇪

Rui Mendes Costa

Rui Mendes da Costa 🇵🇹
Águas de Portugal

Hero Stories


Short presentations by real organisations describing how they are using the social technology to successfully overcome a specific challenge.

What’s in it for you

Not all is rosy when introducing social technologies but all organisations get real value out of them. By focusing on a specific gain, you know that it is real and you can borrow that practice for your own organisation.

This year’s hero stories

Peer assist


A facilitated session where experienced professionals from real organisations share advice on what Cablinc should do and not do as it kicks off a new project.
Participants will then work together to cocreate a list of dos and don’ts based on the advice received.

What’s in it for you

Because it is framed as advice, you get real, honest inputs: nobody needs to know if it is based on successes or failures, nor if it comes from learnings at the current or previous employer.
The list cocreated by all is another tangible, practical outcome to get you going when you get back to work on Monday.

This year’s peers

Ingo Johansson

Ingo Johansson 🇩🇰

John Schultz

John Schultz 🇺🇸
Mayo Clinic

How-to Tutorials


Snappy, focused sessions showing how to get more out of common social tools to improve and rethink traditional ways of working.

What’s in it for you

More tangible, actionable ideas to get you going and quickly delivering value for you, your team and organisation.


Fabio Frota

Fabio Frota 🇳🇱

Jaap Linssen

Jaap Linssen🇳🇱 

Hands-on Sessions


90-minute sessions where all participants are invited to help Cablinc address one of its challenges. A certified practitioner will facilitate the session.

What’s in it for you

You will get to know your fellow participants, hear their experience in a facilitated context, and experience a (new) facilitation tool or technique.


Paul Nunesdea 🇵🇹



30-minute talks by top professionals.
Probably the least unique element of the whole conference but the quality of the speakers is guaranteed. 

What’s in it for you

You get the context, the boost, the inspiration and the arguments to be able to make a difference when you go back to your organisation.

This year’s keynotes


Dare to Un-Lead: book launch


Lisbon Bus Tour

Networking session

Social Now 2014 - networking

During this time, vendors are assigned a table. Participants can join if they want to ask questions or see anything in more detail.

You benefit from the answers to others’ questions. Besides, in such a public setting, you get more honest answers and you learn from the past experiences of other participants.

Lunches and dinner

Social Now 19 - Lunch on Day 1

Long seated lunches and dinner on day 1.

Plenty of opportunities to taste delicious Portuguese food.

And it is quality time for informal, rich and insightful conversations with speakers and other participants.